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Executive Summary 摘要



As for Bitcoin/USD daily time frame resistant line would be around 9500. This week, price of Bitcoin keep on bounce from resistant line this will give us a fairly good chance to do short position.  Will try to do short position around 9300,Stop loss will put higher. It because, in our technical analysis Bitcoin daily time frame might be retrace and consider Bitcoin volume unstable. Besides that, news can easily affect the price. Need to be aware your risk control management.



Lastly, EUR/USD in weekly time frame perspective support line around 1.1000. when the price hit to our support line,there’s a chance that EUR/USD market will uptrend.  This is based on weekly time frame, using bollinger band level 80 to form a support line. Besides that, this support line had been tested for a year. We can consider to do long position around 1.1000 support line.

Opportunity of Today  今日交易机会

【BTC】9200-9300附近做空(Short position around 9200- 9300)

【EURUSD】1.100附近布局多单(Will long position around 1.100)

Closed Position 近期结束的交易机会


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