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Executive Summary 摘要



As, you can see our previous report. Our recommend 1st profit point for AUD/NZD is 1.0440 and the price had reached around there. Based on yesterday, AUD/NZD price had dropped and currently in  4 hour time frame we can see that there’s a resistant line. In daily time frame perspective, if the price raise up around to 1.0430. We can consider to do short position. There’s a high probability that AUD/NZD in daily time frame will be in a sideway market uptrend.  Doing short position in short term will be not affect our long term long position.  In short term perspective, around 1.0430 have a chance to drop 60-70 pips.



Currently,EUR/USD currency pair price is at the bottom of the range. As we mention in previous report, in 2019 price keep on testing at the bottom of 81 level bollinger band.  Be aware that, at 1.0970 might form a support line. Besides from that, using larger time frame to do reversal position successful rate not high. But,  we can have a good risk and reward ratio. Whether EUR/USD will drop or rise. These is worth doing long position at this range.

Opportunity of Today  今日交易机会

【AUDNZD1.0430附近形成短期压力,价格有下跌可能(Around 1.0430 have a short term resistant line, there’s a probability price might downfall)

【EURUSD】1.0970是日线级别和周线级别支撑的重叠(In daily and weekly time frame, we can see there’s a support line at 1.0970)

Closed Position 近期结束的交易机会


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