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Executive Summary 摘要



Based on our analysis in this week, we think that there’s a lot of currency pair that suitable to do short term time frame. It all depends on this week USD dollar index . It will decide the others currency pair trend direction. Need to be careful risk management and overall position.  



In our this week gold market analysis, we will try to buy low sell high . Need to pay close attention on support line around 1553- 1555. According to 123 cloud system in 2 hour time frame, we can see that price bounce from WPR support line and there’s might a chance that the price will continue to uptrend.

Opportunity of Today  今日交易机会

USDCHFH6级别黄金分割压力位,123结构压力和布林带上轨重合。0.9780附近压力明确(Using 6 hour time frame gold market have resistant line. Besides that, using 123 theory there’s a resistant line and Bollinger Band also have a resistant line. So that, we assume 0.9730 is a solid resistant line)

XAUUSD关注1555-1558附近支撑。  H4级别的上升趋势再次得到技术方面的确认(Need to be pay close attention around 1555-1558 support line. In 4 hour time frame, uptrend is confirm by our technical analysis)

Closed Position 近期结束的交易机会


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