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Executive Summary 摘要


In oil market, we had entered long position at 50.00, there’s a possibility that in these two days the price will retrace. After that, there’s high probability that will continue ranging uptrend. Need to pay attention at 51.80. In conservative perspective, we can close position at 51.80. Based on our analysis, we assume that 50.00 is a support line on weekly time frame.



USD/CNH still in strong condition. We think that still can hold long position at 6.965, our target profit point will be 7.0 above.

Opportunity of Today  今日交易机会

USOUSD原油50.00多头可以短线了结利润,中期目标看55以上。(In short term perspective, long position at 50.00 can close position. But, as for mid term can set target at 55 or above.)

USDCNH6.965价格附近布林带支撑有效,已形成H1级别矢量突破,继续看涨。(Using Bollinger Band we can see a support line at 6.965. In 1 hour time frame, we can see a breakthrough. We assume price will continue uptrend.)

Closed Position 近期结束的交易机会


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