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Executive Summary 摘要


As we predicted EUR/USD have a reversal pattern from the bottom to the top. Our 1st target profit would be around 1.1120. If bottom enter long position can consider continue to hold on it. If EUR/USD retrace can consider enter another long position using M30 or M15 timeframe using profit to earn more profit.


As today is the last day of trading this month. Gold market will have a closing price in monthly timeframe, as we mention before price at around 1645 beginning to form a ranging market condition. Tonight, the probability that price will close below 1645 will higher.

Opportunity of Today  今日交易机会

Around 1.0810- 1.0830 had entered long position, might continue to hold and add additional position.  1.0780 is at the bottom on weekly time frame. In Monthly timeframe perspective, can form a bottom support trendline as well.

Closed Position 近期结束的交易机会


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